Hani Jamal

Hani Jamal

IT Operations Director @ EgySupplier

I’ve spent my entire career learning new skills and reading widely, far beyond what I imme­di­ate­ly needed for my job, and I’m a much better developer for it.

I teach other developers face-to-face and I also teach by blogging, answering questions, and publishing software. I’ve worked hard to reach where I am but I know that I started out with many advantages. 

So, it is not surprising that I have thought about this question: Is software development really a dead end job?

I would like to think that I have been pretty successful in my career thus far. I started as a developer and am now working as an analyst programmer or in other words a software architect. I have experience working as a developer, architect, Scrum Master, team lead, etc. On the non-technical side, I built teams from scratch, hired the right candidates, trained them on their weak points, etc.

In short, I have skills in many areas of software development. I like to get involved in many aspects of SDLC and can honestly take a team forward (both technically and in terms of managing teams, creating the right development processes, and creating an intellectually stimulating environment for developers).

Does that make me a good candidate for any job? You'd think, "Yes, why not? I've got all the skills." I thought the same, too.